Limited Access Excavation

QC Landscaping is the Brisbane specialist in limited access excavation.  Steve Norrie has over 20 years experience in landscaping, earthmoving and excavations, so he knows how to dig!  No matter whether you need to excavate a small house block, or a large industrial space, Steve has the earthmoving equipment and the experience to handle the job.  Experience pays off when it comes to working on sites with limited access, excavation on a steep block, or with narrow access restriction.  Don’t try to do the digging by yourself.  Hire an expert.  Let QC Landscaping do the job safely, efficiently, and to the highest standards.

If you are caught in a tight spot – don’t get stuck, just call Steve at QC Landscaping!
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Narrow Access Excavation

pool excavation narrow access

Steve is a specialist at limited access excavation in the Brisbane area, South East Queensland.  No matter how narrow the access to your work site or building location, Steve has the right equipment for the job.  He has regularly tackled those difficult jobs and probably seen your scenario before.   On crowded building sites, steep blocks, as well as all sorts of obstacles, like stairs and terraces, Steve’s almost certainly dealt with it before.  Even if it seems like access to the site is impossible, Steve just loves the challenge.   Getting one of his mini diggers safely onto the site and getting the job done is nearly always possible.

Limited Access ExcavationHere is a list of Steve’s limited access excavation jobs around Brisbane:

  • Limited access excavation
  • Under house excavation
  • Trenching and Footings
  • Excavations and levelling
  • Preparation for concreting and turf laying
  • Post hole excavation
  • Pool excavation
  • Water tank levelling
  • Water pipe trenching
  • Rock breaking  limited access locations
  • Narrow access sites – no problem
  • Steep blocks – no problem
  • Highly manoeuvrable excavation equipment for access to all sites

Why Choose QC Landscaping for your limited access excavation?

QC Landscaping is your one stop shop for all limited access excavation and earth moving needs.  Due to Steve’s excellent range of machinery and services, he’ll tailor a solution to suit your requirements.  No matter how narrow or limited access to your site, QC Landscaping is proud to deliver the highest quality service and to be a trusted and reliable building partner.  QC Landscaping have a select choice of earth moving equipment and can service your needs anywhere in the Brisbane, Ipswich, and South East Queensland locations.  We’re also very close to Toowoomba and regularly attend jobs on the Range.

Home owners, renovators and building contractors choose QC Landscaping as their preferred partner. Steve understands the requirements of the building industry, and is responsive to your urgent requirements, and working within constrained timeframes, as well as crowded building sites.  Steve is skilled an experienced at working on landscaping project teams, construction sites, limited access excavation for swimming pools, and anywhere where narrow access may prevent other excavators for gaining access.

Do you have the best Team?

Steve is a great communicator, and is comfortable working with project designers, landscape designers, and building designers, so you can trust Steve to work together with your team to find the best outcomes on your site.  In fact, builders and landscapers often rely on Steve and his ability to perform limited access excavation, to overcome other obstacles on the site and to achieve a satisfactory outcome.  It really does pay to have a cohesive team when you are working with a narrow or limited access excavation on a work site!

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Limited Access Excavation for Retaining Walls, Footings and Foundations

Retaining walls and foundations are no trouble for QC Landscaping, even in locations requiring limited access excavation.  Steve is an expert on limited access sites, such as building retaining walls alongside house walls.  He has been digging footings and foundations in all sorts of awkward locations and very narrow sites for many of his 20 years in business.  No matter how crowded the work site, or how tight the access, Steve has never been stuck for ideas!

Limited Access Excavation Brisbane

Excavation of Trenches

No matter how large or small the job, QC Landscaping can safely dig all types of trenches in your yard or work site, without making a mess.  Steve has all the experience you need to find the best place to excavate for water pipes, storm water, sewer lines, electrical and communications cabling.


Building Foundations with limited access

QCLandscaping can handle all manner of building jobs, from house foundations, to slab preparations, garages, sheds, and driveways.


Pool Excavation

Because of the experience QC Landscaping has on awkward sites with sloping ground or limited access, the business is often the excavator of choice.  Steve is able to cooperate with pool designers from all around Brisbane and specialises in limited access or hard to reach locations.


Landscape Preparation

QC Landscaping is the landscaping professional around Brisbane and South East Queensland. They specialise in the design and development of the most attractive and natural landscapes for home owners and businesses.  Steve has a natural flair for delivering the most natural appearance in a landscape design.  Limited access excavation does not deter him.

Steve is an expert at

  • rapid site clearing,
  • levelling,
  • removal of old retaining walls,
  • removal of trees and any other impediment.

Furthermore awkward or difficult to access sites are not a problem.

Steve can also recommend the ideal landscaping solutions for your location.  So be sure to look at some of his previous landscape designs!

No site is too restricted for QC Landcaping!

If you are caught in a tight spot – don’t get stuck, just call Steve at QC Landscaping!
0427 375 082

Even if you have a limited access of 1 metre, that’s not a problem.  While there may be barely room to walk through, you will be surprised what equipment Steve can get onto the work site.  No matter whether he needs to enlarge the space, create a space, or reach over or around an obstacle, Steve has never been stuck for an idea.  And he has never got stuck on site either!

You are fully protected

Especially relevant is that QC Landscaping is a fully insured and registered business.  The business holds public liability cover so your home or work site is fully protected.  Steve is a professional operator and leaves your building site clean and tidy.  He will even try to replace the turf when he is finished!

Now that’s a guarantee you don’t find everywhere!  So call QC Landscaping for more information on any of our landscaping services or for limited access excavation.

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