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Boulder Walls Brisbane

Rock Walls

Using our skills and experience to design to suit the environment and complement the natural landscape, we create a rock, stone or boulder wall Brisbane people love.

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Limited Access Excavation

Limited Access

As experts in limited access excavation situations, such as building retaining walls alongside houses and on slopes we’re used to awkward locations and tight fits!

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Earthmoving Brisbane


A wise first choice for earthmoving Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba projects, whether large or small earth works undertakings, we’re reliable and capable operators.

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Sandstone Retaining Wall Blocks Brisbane Ipswich

Retaining Walls

Random or cut sandstone, natural boulders or concrete sleepers, we’ll help you choose the right building material so you get the best looking retaining wall Brisbane has seen!

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Tricky Slopes and Limited Access Spots are Our Specialty.
We Tackle Jobs That Others Won’t Because We Love Problem Solving.

QCLandscaping owns and operates a useful range of earthmoving equipment with which we can tackle small and large jobs.  Whether you need to clear a block, level a slope, dig foundations, or excavate a pool we have the experience and the horsepower to get the job done.  In addition to excavation, we build retaining walls and have a particular interest in building you a stone, rock or boulder wall Brisbane residents appreciate so much. No matter whether you have a steep block, or narrow access issues, QCL has the skills, experience and tools for the job.

What sets QCL apart from other structural landscaping businesses?

One of the main things that sets QCL apart from other businesses is the operators have real skills and experience with limited access areas. We go where most companies wouldn’t because of tight or difficult to reach places. The team at QCL will do what most people won’t want to do because they don’t have the experience.  Often they are less skilled and experienced and prefer to to get in and get out quickly on the easy jobs to make their dollars.

Specialised skills  and previous experience are required to work within difficult areas such as on sloping blocks. A lot of companies would just walk away from these types of jobs rather than coming up with some sort of solution. That is where our team at QC Landscaping comes in. Our philosophy is that anything is possible! We are solution oriented and love problem solving. In our eyes, any idea can be a reality and there is nothing that can’t be done!

Our team will take on difficult jobs that require unique experience. Steve and the team at QC Landscaping often end up with the jobs that no one else wants. Because many other landscaping businesses can’t meet their customers’ needs in challenging spaces. We are problem solvers who love to take on a challenge. That’s what you will be getting when you work with the team from QC Landscaping; a team that is ready to problem solve for you and take on the challenge, rather than taking the easy way out.

“The boys did a great job on substantial landscaping and a deck around our new pool.  During a very stressful pool install, they stepped up with advice and support and did what they could to make the process easier. Thanks!”

~Jemma, Brookfield June 2015


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What are some of the services that QCL provide? And what is involved?

Limited access excavation

As mentioned above, one of the services that QCL provides is the ability to work in tight, narrow or hard-to-reach areas. These take a lot of experience and practice, and so a lot of companies are unable to do this type of work for their clients. That’s why we are amongst the leading experts and go-to business if you have a particularly challenging job or unique shaped property.

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are another service that we specialise in. Have you ever considered the many benefits of retaining walls? One of the benefits is being able make good use of your property which means you will have more space for activities. Imagine having more room for your hobbies, such as gardening.  The kids trampoline or swing set.  Kicking a ball, or just lounging in the sun!

Another benefit of retaining walls is that in retaining soil away from your home, which not only increases your living area, but also provides proper drainage and reduces the chance of water damage.  House foundations don’t like getting wet.  So they allow you to make use of your spaces and the slopes, instead of letting them sit there unused. This increased usability and access to your property also increases the value of your home.

Boulder Wall Brisbane

QC Landscaping is also able to fix and rebuild your current retaining walls that leaning, or in danger of falling down. While these falling down walls can be dangerous, they may also affect your insurance. There are a lot of insurance companies out there that won’t help you out if you have a wall that has fallen or collapsed.  Most people don’t know this.

That is just another benefit to working with us here at QC Landscaping. We are knowledgeable in these areas such as insurance issues, including what is covered and what is not. We’re qualified, experienced and able to provide advice upon inspection of your property.

Stone walls

Steve Norrie believes that there’s no reason why you can’t build something that lasts as long as the work of the Romans. Seriously!  That’s why at QCL, we have a strong passion and desire to create something beautiful and long lasting. Steve and the team truly believe in grand architecture that stands the test of time!

“I cannot recommend Steve from QC landscaping highly enough. He listened to what I wanted and worked with me to achieve this. Nothing was ever too much to ask and his open line of communication was very reassuring. His knowledge and workmanship was second to none and I’m glad that I went with him. Thanks for the great improvement to my yard Steve.”

~Liv Holthouse, Brisbane, July 2017


Why do we love a good stone, rock or boulder wall Brisbane?
  • A stone, rock or boulder wall is a great replacement for timber garden or retaining walls. There is very little expense associated with using stone over timber, but it has the added benefit of longevity. Once it’s built, it will be there forever, without rotting, and will stand the test of time. Timber walls last for approximately 10-20 years, however stone is forever. Another benefit of stone walls is that you don’t have to be concerned about weather changes or termites that might cause damage to the wall. That means for the same price you are getting something that is sturdy, lasts forever and is beautiful to look at!
  • Another benefit to working with us is that we use locally sourced stone. This is more eco-friendly than timber, since timber needs to be replaced every 10 years. We are proud to reduce the number of trees that need to be planted to meet the supply demand. We love stone because it is a once off use. This means you’re far less likely to invest money into the maintenance of the wall, or replace it entirely later on.
  • But what happens if you currently have a stone wall and want to update it or change it? At QC Landscaping, we are able to pull down walls and rebuild them with the same stone. This is especially important if they haven’t been built right the first time! Our team can take your current stone walls and turn it into something beautiful!  It’s not always the case that this is possible, but we’re prepared to look at this option for you.
What stone do we use?

QC Landscaping uses a range of stone, including granite and bluestone. All stone styles are within a similar price range, however if you are concerned about your budget, we will be happy to chat to you about what is available that suits you, your needs and your budget!

What is the difference between Random stone walls and cut stone?

Cut stone walls are built using specially cut stone to form a uniform look. These can be beautiful, however slightly more expensive than the random, natural stone walls. Random stonewalls are just that. They are built using the natural rock shape, which can be very random, but equally as beautiful!

Because we source the stone from high quality natural resources there are slighlty different colours available at different times. We can take you through what’s available or suggest alternatives that will look just as great.

Earth works

In order to build retaining walls, what first needs to happen is earthworks. Earthworks are also important for drainage, which can be crucial part of a healthy property. Earthworks are also used for preparation for driveways, before the concrete or bitumen is laid down.  Foundations and trenches are also within the scope of what we do.

The benefits of hiring us at QC Landscaping for your earthworks is that we are able to work with limited access machinery. This kind of machinery is considered high-tech within the industry. But don’t let our specialty confuse you – we also work with bigger spaces as well!

Love your boulder wall Brisbane!

We believe that landscaping should enhance your property and look great!  And we always aim to leave you with an investment that you will be proud of.  We have the skills and experience to design natural landscaping and retaining walls that suit the local environment and that complement the natural landscape. We’re well  known for this particular skill!

We will recommend the best ideas to make sure you get the best outcome for your property.  It is important to choose the appropriate landscaping materials so that you achieve a great landscape and natural appearance.  We specialise in natural materials, like stone, boulders and bush rock, but we also use cut stone to add that finishing touch. QCLandscaping is also experienced with local Brisbane council regulations on rock walls and retaining walls, so you can be assured of a high quality and compliant product. We like to think we add that special touch when it comes to landscaping.