About Us

QC Landscaping is a local hardscaping and earthworks company, based right here in Brisbane, Queensland. We do all the hard work – excavation and earth works for site preparation as well as value-adding rock, stone and boulder walls and also the retaining walls Brisbane loves for sloping blocks!

Who we are

Retaining Walls BrisbaneMy name is Steve Norrie, and I’m the owner and operator of QC Landscaping.  As a family run business, it’s what we do and love.  We’ve been running our business successfully for almost 20 years.  I think it’s my passion for doing the job right the first time that has made QC Landscaping popular with our clients over the past two decades.  I really do enjoy working with stone and rock and creating landscaping that lasts.

Seriously, I can’t see why we can’t build stone structures that last as long as the ones the Roman’s built!  So when I’m building the retaining walls Brisbane people need, I’m making them to last at least their lifetime!

Our background

Believe it or not, QC Landscaping originally began as a lawn mowing business. It didn’t take long, though, before I realised my passion reached further and wider – with structural plans and designs for properties. I started my journey towards this passion by becoming a bricklayer, which I continued to do for six years. It gave me excellent experience and fitted with my love of hard work!

I then became a builder’s laborer. This gave me extensive experience working with a wide range of different machinery, which I loved. Combining the knowledge I acquired over these years, QC Landscaping – as it is now – was born. The business grew pretty quickly over the following years.  People seemed to be pretty happy with the high quality of the work we do, so word just spread.

A passion for structural work

It’s my passion for building quality structures that last that became the basis for QC Landscaping’s specialisation in structural work. Over the past two decades, my team and I have delivered high quality decks, steps, fencing and retaining walls and many other concrete-based jobs.

Regardless of the job we are working on, it’s my dedication to the trade and the outdoor environment that fuels our ongoing commitment to the client. I have to confess to being an artistic tradesman.  And I love to use my abilities, hands and machinery to create something memorable. All of the team at QC Landscaping love what they do as much as you love the thought of the final product.

QC Landscaping does have a strong focus on sturdy structural work, like the stone walls and retaining walls Brisbane has so many of.  But we carry out other types of landscaping work as well. Many of the jobs we’ve done are ones that relied upon earthmoving. Earthmoving requires a high level of understanding of how underground piping, channeling foundation systems work. Because of my experience in the building industry, the QC Landscaping team has a good grasp of the critical factors involved when digging on land with services.  So we are committed to undertaking earthmoving work with the highest level of care. The more care that is taken with a job means that chance for problems on the job is almost eliminated.  Also, we know it means the finished product will last the test of time. This means the client can rest easy knowing their job is in safe hands.

Licenced and Insured

You will probably know that people working in the trades need to hold a certain type of licence to undertake work for their clients. There are strict rules that ensure that the contractor you hire is able to deliver on the work you request of them. In Queensland, contractors need to hold a licence issued by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, known as the QBCC .

What’s most important for you to know is that we do hold the required license to do structural landscaping work (hardscaping) for  homeowners. We hold a builders’ licence with the QBCC to cover the work that we do. Licences come in different categories, from horticulturists, to softscaping and hardscaped work (landscaping). So I hold a Builders Licence – Structural Landscaping.

QC Landscaping is also a fully insured business. We have public liability cover so your home or business work site is fully protected.  We are a professional operator and always aim to leave your landscaping site clean and tidy.  And we will even try to replace the turf when complete! Now that’s a promise you don’t find everywhere!

What does this mean to you? Well, it means QC Landscaping is perfectly suited to helping you make your landscaping dreams a reality!

Customer Service

We do take our customer service seriously. One of the benefits of operating as a small business is that the Team and I can take a more personalised approach that meets your specific needs. It also allows us as a team to think creatively and spend time deciding how to achieve the highest quality result for each of our clients.

Our clients are not just a ‘number’ or ‘this week’s job’. You’re treated as a collaborative partner, so-to-speak, and so the team believes it is important to hear out your ideas in full and make sure you’re are happy with the project from start to finish. We want our clients to feel as happy with the work as they are having delivered it.

Satisfaction of a Job Well Done

I honestly believe that one of the most rewarding parts of operating QC Landscaping is seeing the finished products of our labours as I drive around town. Stonework is my favourite type of job because it feels significant and stands as a permanent form of art. The most exciting type of work to the team is when it allows a creative solution to achieve a fantastic result that looks and feels exactly as you imagined it in your head. It’s this personalised thought process that makes the us to take on new clients.

Defining your dream

Defining your dream is an important part of the landscaping process. What’s equally as important is trusting those who are bringing that dream to life. QC Landscaping’s work over the past two-decades demonstrate that we are the team to call when you feel that creative spark and visualise the transformation of your property.

If you would like to see some of the work QC Landscaping has produced in the past, contact me or visit our Gallery to see photos. We look forward to working creatively with you on making your dream become a reality.