Retaining Wall Builders Brisbane

When you need a solid, safe and dependable retaining wall, the builders of choice in the Brisbane area are QC Landscaping. First of all, retaining walls can sometimes need to be quite high.  Furthermore, the foundations often need to be fairly deep. So whatever your requirements, QC Landscaping have the knowledge and machinery to do the job. Because QC Landscaping are amongst the best retaining wall builders Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba, they can handle any sized job. Whether on a domestic house block or in the middle of a busy industrial site they can be relied on to do a great job.

Sandstone Retaining Walls Brisbane

Boulder Retaining Walls Brisbane

Rock Retaining Walls Brisbane

Retaining Wall Requirements

Since some retaining walls require engineering design and council approval, it’s important to be dealing with someone who understands this. QCLandscaping are happy to discuss your unique situation if you are unsure about the requirements of building retaining walls.  If you don’t know whether you need Brisbane council approval to build a retaining wall, we’ll talk you through it.

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It is likely there is no job too difficult that Steve hasn’t already done, or found a solution for. He will be able to sketch up some options for you.   You’ll get a recommendation on the best way to go for your retaining wall. Because he has 20 years experience with retaining wall builders Brisbane Ipswich Toowoomba, Steve is qualified to advise you.

Retaining walls come in all shapes and sizes

QCLandscaping have the experience to help with a retaining wall for a house block, commercial block, boundary fences construction , or even a pool or garden scape. But most importantly, Steve has the skills and experience to design retaining walls that look great. It is important to choose the appropriate building material so that you achieve the best looking retaining walls Brisbane has seen!

Retaining Wall Builders Brisbane

QC Landscaping are qualified as retaining wall builders using a variety of materials inclusing cut sandstone, natural boulders and bluestone. Steve’s commitment is that all retaining walls built by QC Landscaping will be solid, safe and permanent! Steve is also experienced with local Brisbane council regulations on rock walls and retaining walls, so you can be assured of a high quality and compliant product.

Retaining Wall Builders Brisbane

Steve is the owner and manager of QCLandscaping.  He is the perfect person to discuss anything regarding retaining wall builders Brisbane, Ipswich, and Toowoomba. He knows all about the local conditions, so designs for them.  Local council regulations he understands inside out.  Furthermore he has vast experience working on steep and narrow building sites in and around Brisbane.  This experience includes further afield in towns and regions of South East Queensland.

When you talk to Steve, it becomes obvious just how important it is to understand the local conditions and the local regulations for retaining wall builders. But the best thing about QC Landscaping is that they have the knowledge of the local area.  And they have the experience to back up that industry knowledge. Being top retaining wall builders in Brisbane comes with an expectation – that QC Landscaping will find a solution for pretty much any situation.

The best retaining walls need:

The best design

QC Landscaping believe in building retaining walls that last forever.  So when you get a retaining wall by QCLandscaping, it will be permanent! The secret is in the design, and the best retaining wall builders know that is where the hard work starts.

Steve is meticulous in his planning and calculations when it comes to designing retaining walls. Because when it comes to structural walls, there is much more than meets the eye! Just like an iceberg, the part of a retaining wall that you can see above the ground is only doing a small amount of load bearing. The structural elements of a retaining wall are all hidden beneath the surface. And that means digging! But before he starts digging, you can be confident that QC Landscaping are expert retaining wall builders who understand the need to get it right in the early design stage.

To be planned

Steve always begins with the planning stages before earth works commence. This includes all of the design elements of the retaining wall.  Site planning, access requirements, and of course local council approvals. There is no point commencing work, only to find a water pipe running through the middle of the excavation. Steve prides himself on eliminating any embarrassing problems before he starts to dig.   As a result, this can end up saving you a lot of money.

The best foundations

It all starts with the foundations! Retaining walls need a solid foundation, which usually means excavation and earthworks. Fortunately, Steve has 20 years of experience in landscaping and heavy earthmoving equipment.  Consequently he brings this wealth of knowledge to every job and every situation. No matter what type of excavation you need to do, QC Landscaping can offer the best retaining wall solution that works for you and your budget.

Re-build your old retaining walls

Do you have problems with dodgy old retaining walls? If you have old concrete or timber walls that look in need of repair, then you should probably seek professional advice. Not only do old retaining walls affect the capital value of your property, but they can be outright dangerous. QC Landscaping are the perfect choice for demolishing and removing old earthworks and retaining walls. Call Steve today 0427 375 082 for a quote on removing old and dangerous earthworks. QC Landscaping will manage the whole project, including all council approvals, and deliver you a wonderful new retaining wall to be proud of. Steve understands the value of building the best retaining walls, to give you the best return on the investment in your home and property.

Why choose QC Landscaping for retaining walls?

Steve has spent 20 years building QCLandscaping into one of the most dependable retaining wall builders in Brisbane. QCLandscaping stand by the quality of their retaining walls.  They stand by their commitment to making retaining walls that last forever! QCLandscaping also understand the need to build the best retaining walls that meet your budget, and your style. When you choose a retaining wall by QC Landscaping you can have the confidence that it will improve the appearance of your home and increase the value of your property.