Rock Walls Brisbane

Steve Norrie is the owner and builder of QC Landscaping, your specialist in rock walls Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba.  Also, any local areas around South East Queensland are included in Steve’s service area.  In fact, Steve is well known for building the best rock walls to suit every requirement imaginable. And, as a qualified landscaper, he has that special touch when it comes to building rock walls.  Steve has 20 years of experience in landscaping and large earthmoving equipment.  Consequently he brings this wealth of knowledge to every job and every location.  No matter how difficult the job, or how steep the block.  Steve is an expert at finding a rock wall solution that works for you.

Rock walls Brisbane, Ipswich, Toowoomba

Rock Walls BrisbaneSince you will want an operator with the experience to get the job done, call QC Landscaping for:

  • landscaping,
  • house foundations,
  • shed or garage foundation leveling,
  • driveway shaping & preparation,
  • swimming pool digging
  • or even a letter box.

Most noteworthy is Steve has the skills and experience to design rock walls that suit the environment, and that complement the natural landscape.  It is important to choose the appropriate rock wall building material so that you achieve the best looking and natural rock wall in Brisbane.  Steve is also experienced with local Brisbane council regulations on rock walls and retaining walls, so you can be assured of a high quality and compliant product.

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Rock walls that last forever

Not only will Steve guarantee all of his rock walls from a Brisbane council perspective, but he knows that building rock walls is something that will last forever, and it is worth doing it right the first time.  Both functional and aesthetic, the best rock walls are a bit like an art form when constructed by a professional company such as QC Landscaping.  Steve is an expert at building rock walls all around the Brisbane area.  Whether you have a difficult block, narrow access, or steep block or awkward location, Steve has the experience to tailor the perfect individual solution, to suit your budget.

Rock walls that look great

The benefit of using a local expert at building rock walls is that you are guaranteed to get a great outcome, which not only looks good, but is safe, cost effective, and will last forever.  Steve is renowned for using his local knowledge to source the best and most suitable rock for the job.  No matter whether you choose natural stone, cut stone, or Queensland bush rock.  Steve uses the highest quality, locally sourced rock wall materials that are sourced responsibly from Queensland quarries.  Steve is experienced with a wide range of rock wall materials from sandstone, bluestone, granite, bush stone and rock wall boulders, which can be hand crafted to build an aesthetic and structural rock retaining wall.

Upgrade your old retaining walls

Do you have issues with rotting timber retaining walls?  Do you have aging concrete or timber walls that spoil the appearance of your property?  Or are they just downright dangerous?

Sounds like the perfect job for QC Landscaping.  QC Landscaping are right at home when it comes to demolishing and removing old earthworks and retaining walls.  In fact, Steve is more than happy to manage the whole project from removal, approval, and renewal!  Let Steve take care of those rotting timber sleepers.  He will excavate a proper foundation and replace with a beautiful new and long lasting rock retaining wall.  Not only do you end up with a safe, solid and structural rock wall, but the finished product will look as though it has always been there.  That is the aim of building the best rock walls in Brisbane, to make a retaining wall look like a natural element of the local environment, and to add that natural Australian rock wall appearance to your property.

Do you want the best rock walls, Brisbane?

Without a doubt, the most elegant and natural solution to landscaping around your Brisbane property is natural stone or rock walls.  Whether you need to landscape a pool surround, outdoor area, driveway or garden bed.  For residential or civil constructions, big and small, QCLandscaping is the number one choice for South East Queensland.   Steve has a range of earthmoving equipment to get the job done with no fuss.  He also has the experience to handle a range of jobs from the standard house block to acreage landscaping services around Brisbane.  QC Landscaping will take care of everything from council approval, providing you a fully designed proposal, and removal of waste material.  You get the benefit of an obligation free quote to see exactly what you will get.  We offer you this before you commit to starting work.

QC Landscaping is not a “one size suits all” company

No matter whether you need a natural stone retaining wall, or a sawn block stone wall, Steve can show you examples of some of the completed Rock Walls around Brisbane.  Feel free to enquire with Steve about some of his success stories and browse the wide range of styles of rock walls to choose the style that suits you.  Steve can happily tailor a solution to suit your individual requirements.  He certainly doesn’t believe in using a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to make every solution look the same.

Landscaping solutions to match

With a wide range of locally sourced materials, and the skills and equipment to handle any job, Steve just loves to find individual solutions to build the best rock walls Brisbane.  He is experienced with rough stone, cut stone, and block stone placement.  Steve takes personal pride in every rock wall construction, and will oversee the placement of each stone if necessary!  But it doesn’t stop there, because QC Landscaping understand the need to integrate rock walls into the overall landscaping design.  So this means continuing the clever use of natural stone throughout the landscaping design.  Additional features such as garden terraces, attractive stone steps, dry water courses, garden beds, stone pathways, and even fish ponds can be included!

Why choose QC Landscaping for rock walls Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba?

Steve is a perfectionist and his art is building the best rock walls Brisbane has seen.  Putting it simply, Steve has a vision.  To build you the best rock walls to suit your budget, your property, and most of all, your tastes.  Steve’s aim is to achieve 100% customer satisfaction, and to do that he will leave no stone unturned !