A Sandstone Retaining Wall Has Many Benefits

Sandstone Retaining WallThere are some secret benefits of a sandstone retaining wall that not everyone will know about.  Of course they look great, and a sandstone retaining wall is a real asset in terms of landscaping.  A sandstone retaining wall also adds a formal touch to landscaping.  It looks especially classy and elegant.  But the real secret behind a sandstone retaining wall is the cost!  That’s right, a sandstone retaining wall is not significantly more expensive than a timber retaining wall.  Furthermore,  when you consider what you get for the money, there are way more benefits of a sandstone retaining wall!

What are the cost benefits of a sandstone retaining wall?

Sure the sandstone costs a little more, especially to get A grade sawn sandstone blocks.  You can choose to save a little upfront cost and go with B grade sawn blocks.  The difference between A grade sandstone and B grade blocks is primarily the number of cut surfaces, and the shape of the sandstone blocks. For a formal sandstone retaining wall, we recommend the use of A grade sandstone, but that depends on the desired outcome.  The next thing is to consider the supply of the sandstone blocks.

We supply the best quality local sandstone

Here at QC Landscaping, we choose local quarries to provide high quality local sandstone.  We have a range of suppliers to make sure we can provide the best stone for the best price for our customers.  Because each quarry supplies slightly different types and colours of sandstone blocks, we can even match the appearance of the stone to your preferred décor.  The beautiful, natural stone comes in delicate shades of pink, ochre, sandstone and through to pale limestone.  And the added benefit is the wonderful natural grain and textures with in the sandstone blocks.  You get that for free!

Sandstone Delivery

Because we work with local suppliers, and because QC Landscaping deals with regular consignments of local sandstone for retaining walls, we get preferential treatment when it comes to sandstone delivery.  We can arrange for the best transport and delivery costs, and we pass the savings onto our customers.  We know all the tricks such as loading a truck and the trailer to save the overall cost of delivery.

How to save the cost of sandstone retaining walls

One of the biggest benefits of a sandstone retaining wall is that they are quick to build.  And the team here at QC Landscaping is very fast!  With years of experience and the best landscaping machines available, we can prepare your site on a short time frame.  We arrange for a delivery of sandstone the next day, and build the retaining wall in next to no time!  A further benefit of a sandstone retaining wall is that the retaining wall is self supporting and fully structural.  Each sandstone block ways in the order of 400 kg, and once positioned, will never move.  Starting from a solid foundation layer, it is a simple and rapid process to mount each block one upon the other to achieve a very sturdy and attractive sandstone wall.  No other type of retaining wall is so quick to build, and few retaining walls are as attractive or as structurally sound.  In fact, these sandstone retaining walls are as safe as houses, only they are stronger!

A sandstone retaining wall creates a beautiful and natural appearance

These sandstone walls can be crafted into any shape, including geometrics, and even attractive curves.  Here are some examples of the curved sandstone retaining walls that QC Landscaping has built for previous happy customers.

sandstone retaining wall

Suitable for all types of landscaping, fence lines, terraces and stone feature walls, there are many uses for sandstone retaining walls.

No matter what type of retaining wall you need, a sandstone retaining wall is a great option.  Sandstone retaining walls look great, last forever, and the big secret – sandstone retaining walls are incredibly affordable!

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