Sandstone Walls Brisbane

Sandstone Walls BrisbaneThe Benefits of Using Sandstone Walls

When it comes to choosing the best construction materials for landscaping features such as sandstone walls Brisbane people are spoilt for choice.

What can happen, though, is some people try to find the most affordable solution. Unfortunately, the cheapest solution may not last the longest or require less maintenance.  Needless to say, it also may not be the best looking solution.

If you prefer that natural and authentic appearance for your landscaping design, then QC Landscaping are the experts in Brisbane.  We have 20 years experience in landscaping and construction around Brisbane.  Our experience extends to and South East Queensland. So far, there is no landscaping problem that we haven’t found a way to fix.  As a matter of fact, we pride ourselves for not only rectifying retaining wall issues, but for turning problems into features.  Our clients end up with a result that they will be proud of for many years to come.

Sandstone walls have a lot of history!

Sandstone walls have been used throughout history.  In fact, some of man’s greatest constructions were made from sandstone materials.  This is because sandstone is very versatile and easy to work with, but also very durable.  Not only that, but sandstone walls are very attractive.  This is due to the natural warmth and elegance in the colours and patterns within the material.  If you’ve noticed some of the sandstone walls Brisbane has, you’ll know what we mean.

Sandstone walls have a natural beauty

Sandstone is a natural material known as a sedimentary rock, laid down millions of years ago.  The colour and patterns within the sandstone rock were formed from the surrounding elements during the sedimentary process.  Different colours came from the surrounding rocks and mineral content.  These are unique to every different rock formation.  Different patterns were introduced into the sandstone depending on the layers that were added over the top of earlier layers.  This occured as the loose materials were turned into the stone that we know and love today.

We recommend to choose sandstone walls for your Brisbane landscaping project.  You get the benefit of the very best that nature has provided.  That is why we love working with these natural materials over and above some of the artificial manufactured alternatives.

Sandstone walls are affordable

Sandstone walls are actually relatively affordable when you consider the whole picture.  It is true that sandstone is not as cheap as concrete walls.  However, what most people don’t realise is that concrete is subject to ageing, weathering and dampness.  This is especially so for the cheaper approaches to construction.  Timber walls, even the treated timber materials simply do not last forever.  So even though they may be cheaper in the short term, there is additional cost down the track.  Sandstone is certainly more affordable than marble or granite, so it can be a trade off as to how you make a choice.  Sandstone walls are very strong and durable.  In addition, they require little maintenance, so you won’t regret a little extra cost up front.

Benefits of sandstone walls Brisbane style

As a matter of fact, sandstone walls have many other benefits as a key element of any landscaping project.  Just a few of the added benefits are:

  • Sandstone walls are renowned for durability and strength
  • All sandstone walls are unique with a huge variety of shapes, designs and sizes
  • Sandstone walls are suitable for both residential and commercial properties
  • Natural colours and variations in the stone make highlights throughout the landscape design
  • Sandstone wall come in a wide array of colours to complement your property
  • The natural materials retain their colour and age naturally to enhance their appearance
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Sandstone walls are built to handle all types of natural elements, rain hail and shine!

Sandstone walls – superior to concrete

Have you noticed?  When you drive around Brisbane and South East Queensland, sandstone walls have become the choice method for building sandstone retaining walls.  Sandstone is a wonderful material for use around the home.  It is also extensively used in commercial offices, schools, parks and public places. No longer do we rely on concrete as the prime construction material for those ugly buildings that used to dominate our cities.

However, even more importantly than construction, when it comes to landscaping, sandstone walls are the number one choice. At QC Landscaping, we love to help property owners design and integrate sandstone walls into the perfect outdoor living space. Because it is such a versatile and beautiful material, sandstone is perfect for many uses. These include garden features, paving, walkways, patios, and even driveways.

Add value to your property with Sandstone walls Brisbane

No doubt you’re wanting to find the best way to add value to your property with landscaping and outdoor renovations.  We recommend the use of natural sandstone walls and boulders.  Call QC Landscaping for an appraisal of your landscaping designs, a quote to construct your dream property.  We’re also available to simply to discuss options for a dodgy retaining wall!

QC Landscaping are the local  experts when you need sandstone walls Brisbane, or surrounds.