Bluestone Wall

Bluestone Wall

What is a Bluestone Wall?

Bluestone is a natural volcanic rock that is deeply and richly coloured in shades of greys, blues and blacks.  Also known as basalt, bluestone has been a popular building material through history.  This is because it is readily available, solid and hard wearing.  It is an attractive material used to make a bluestone wall that has an appealing texture and unique character.  In fact, think about how fashion trends change so quickly.  The natural appearance of a bluestone structures have stood the test of time.  It has always been a popular choice of construction material.

Why Choose a Bluestone Wall?

Bluestone is a natural stone material with a very attractive fine grained texture.  Also it has a range of colour variations to suit all types of architectural design and decor.  In fact, every individual piece of a bluestone wall is unique, with its own character and warmth.  It is this quality that makes a bluestone wall such an attractive option for landscapers.  Renovators and builders alike are drawn to the material.

Choose QC Landscaping for your bluestone wall projects

QC Landscaping specialise in high quality bluestone wall design and construction.  We can source and supply high quality local bluestone from the best South East Queensland locations.  We pride ourselves on supplying the finest quality material for walls to meet your personal requirements.  Whether you require a particular colour, texture, size or shape, QC Landscaping have the local knowledge to supply the most suitable raw materials for the project.

Bluestone is a versatile material

Natural bluestone creates a unique and distinctive appearance to any landscaping project.  It’s a look that you simply cannot achieve with man made products and artificial materials.  Bluestone is an ideal stone for landscaping projects for homes.  Because it is also tough and hard wearing, QC Landscaping also recommend bluestone as a suitable choice for commercial construction projects.

Bluestone wall applications

Bluestone is often available in a variety of shapes and sizes. If you need a substantial structural retaining wall, or a non-structural bluestone wall, we are able to help.  You may want to include a bluestone wall as a feature of your house or property.  Then contact QC Landscaping, as we have the skills and qualification to deliver.

Bluestone is useful both inside and out

Bluestone is a very traditional material.  It has long been used for the construction of residential walls as well as in uses commercial property.  Because it is tough and resilient, it is suitable for structural foundations, pavers and formal tiles for internal and external applications.  Bluestone is also hard wearing and provides an excellent solution for landscaping, pathways, geometric pavers.  It is also populare for “crazy paving” and even driveways.

Bluestone is a material that is common in the southern states of Australia.  It is a desirable feature of traditional homes and construction styles.  Bluestone remains a popular choice of building material.  It is becoming more popular for outdoor landscaping applications as well.

Bluestone compliments most properties

Because bluestone has a natural appeal, and an aesthetic quality that you can’t achieve with artificial materials, we always recommend it as an option for that quality touch.  Even if you haven’t previously used or considered a bluestone wall, there is a timeless appeal to using rich and natural materials which add a little something extra to your design.

Call us at QC Landscaping if you are looking to create that special touch to your landscaping and bluestone wall designs.