Retaining Wall Repairs Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba

Retaining Wall Repairs BrisbaneDo you have a property with old retaining walls? Are some of your retaining walls not looking straight up and down, as they should?

Too ‘wide’ can be a problem for humans, but too LEAN is also not good – especially for a retaining wall!  If you have an old retaining wall that is on a bit of a lean, or looks in need of repair, then it’s wise to seek professional advice on getting retaining wall repairs Brisbane friends!

QC Landscaping are expert at building retaining walls in the Brisbane area and also repairing them.  Our service area extends to Ipswich and also Toowoomba and other areas, so call Steve for an inspection, and advice.

Old retaining walls can be dangerous

Retaining Walls BrisbaneCracked, leaning and damaged retaining walls reduce the capital value of your property.  And they can be outright dangerous. Unfortunately some old retaining walls were not built to the standards required today.  Many need repairs because the old walls were never properly designed.  There are many retaining walls around the suburbs needing repaired.  Because the foundations are not adequate, or the materials used have worn out over time, this is the case.  But retaining walls can also suffer from moving ground, water damage, pest infestation and even from too much heavy use for which they were not designed.  For example, if you have a retaining wall holding up a carport on higher ground, then it pays to keep a close eye on any movement or weakness in the retaining wall.  It is highly important to act on any suspect retaining walls.  Because if they fall over – they can kill.

Retaining walls can be repaired

With more than 20 years experience in the building and structural landscaping industry, Steve can advise on most retaining wall issues.  Please note: as an expert and specialist in Rock Walls and Sandstone Retaining Walls, Steve no longer provides services in concrete sleepers or concrete sleeper retaining walls.  If it is assistance with these products you require, Concrete Sleepers Direct may be able to assist with your needs in this area.  With expertise gained over the years, Steve recommends the most practical and cost effective retaining wall repairs.   Steve favours rock walls and sandstone walls for their stunning aesthetics and longevity.  To keep you, those around you and your property safe, never ignore the state of retaining walls. So call call Steve at QC Landscaping today, for an obligation free quote on your old retaining wall repairs.  Steve is an expert retaining wall builder, and understands the fundamentals of how to repair them.  The best advice is always to act sooner rather than later!  Steve’s advice is to do regular inspections and complete any retaining wall repairs before the situation becomes dangerous.

Rebuilding old retaining walls

While sometimes retaining wall repairs can be done, this is not always the case. Some retaining walls are so badly damaged repairs aren’t possible. As a result the best retaining wall repairs could involve demolishing and removing old retaining walls, and rebuilding them properly. The best part of working with Steve is that he will tell this to you straight.  No “beating around the bush” with false promises and expensive retaining wall repairs, if they are not viable. Believe it or not, it can end up costing you more to try to patch up inappropriate retaining wall repairs Brisbane.

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QC Landscaping can assist with management of the whole project, including all council approvals.  The result will be the delivery of an attractive, safe and compliant new retaining wall.  Steve understands the value of building the best retaining walls to enhance the appearance of landscaping.  He always aims to give you the best return on the investment in your home and property.

Beware cheap retaining wall repairs Brisbane

When looking for cost effective retaining wall repairs in Brisbane, you could be forgiven for going for the cheapest price.  You may be tempted to engage a handyman.  Don’t rely on someone who has never done retaining wall repairs, as it might end up costing you more than you bargained for.

When you need solid, safe and dependable retaining wall repairs, your builders of choice in the Brisbane area should be Steve and QC Landscaping!  No matter how high you need a retaining wall, or how deep the foundations, QC Landscaping have the knowledge and machinery to do the job.  With their experience in retaining wall repairs in the Brisbane area, they can handle various sized jobs, whether on domestic house blocks, or in the middle of a busy commercial sites.  Steve guarantees you excellent results and competitively affordable retaining wall repairs.

Retaining wall repairs – all materials

There are a variety of materials to choose from for a retaining wall.  QC Landscaping tend not to work with timber, because for around about the same price, it’s possible to use stone.  Stone has none of the disadvantages of timber, but most of the benefits.  And it lasts forever! QC Landscaping builds rock, stone and boulder walls, as well as sandstone block walls when asked.  Because of Steve’s wealth of knowledge of building retaining walls, especially the ones he uses for structural landscaping, he is well placed to advise on how to do all types of retaining wall repairs.   Trust Steve to come up with some ideas to safely and tastefully provide you with retaining wall repairs.

Do you need council approval?

If you are unsure about the council regulations for retaining wall repairs, Steve will assist with guiding you through this.  In many cases structural engineering and the associated costs can be avoided, but when they are needed, they’re needed!  Steve will help you work through the options.

Retaining wall repairs Brisbane, Ipswich & Toowoomba come in all shapes and sizes

Retaining wall repairs may be around a home, along shared fence lines, related to commercial property, swimming poolscapes, or in garden landscapes.  They may be low or high, or simply for beautification.  Whatever the situation, Steve and QC Landscaping can advise you and help you get the job done.  But most importantly, Steve has the skills and experience to do retaining wall repairs that meet safety and structural requirements, and also look great!

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