Sandstone Retaining Walls Brisbane

Sandstone Retaining Walls Brisbane

Sandstone is a fashionable material of choice for the construction of the most natural and elegant sandstone retaining walls Brisbane, Brisbane Surrounds, Ipswich and Toowoomba has seen.  There is a natural warmth and character from using sandstone that you just don’t get from other materials.  Here at QC Landscaping we specialise in building sandstone retaining walls in Brisbane. We source our product from local sandstone quarries.  We know and trust these businesses to deliver quality sandstone for our projects.

There is a wide range of different choices when it comes to sandstone retaining walls.  Furthermore, you can choose between natural boulders, shaped sandstone blocks, or sawn sandstone walls.  But the choices don’t end there.  There are many different variations in the colours and patterns contained in the sandstone.  Consequently these factors all come together to create unique sandstone retaining walls for your Brisbane property.

Sandstone retaining walls look the best

Sandstone is a perfect choice for retaining walls because of its natural beauty.  It also has an inherent warmth and character. With a range of natural colours and sizes, we can help you to choose the right size stone for your project. QC Landscaping features a broad range of sandstone retaining wall blocks for boundary walls and other retaining walls in all grades, colours and sizes.  Browse our Gallery on this website for ideas!

No two sandstone retaining walls are the same

Because of the natural variation of sandstone colours and boulders, no two sandstone retaining walls are the same. And that is part of the attraction of choosing sandstone retaining walls for Brisbane locations.  Because QC Landscaping will tailor a unique sandstone wall just for your property.

Create a highlight on your property

With sandstone retaining walls Brisbane residents love the elegance that is created to highlight the features of your property.  No longer do you have to put up with bare eroded dirt, or dry garden beds.  You you can now choose to beautify and highlight those difficult areas around your garden.  You will come to enjoy all aspects of your property.  You’ll especially appreciate the different times of the day.  As the light changes the colours and inherent natural beauty of the sandstone are highlighted.  Especially relevant is the value that is added to your property.

Sandstone retaining walls Brisbane they’re perfect for soil retention

Sandstone retaining walls are the best way to manage soil retention on your property. In the torrential rain we regularly experience in South East Queensland, you don’t want your soil washed away. Not only do they look good, but sandstone retaining walls represent the best value over the longer term.  Natural sandstone retaining walls are cheaper than block or brick walls and will become a feature of your landscaping.  Unlike timber retaining walls or even concrete, sandstone retaining walls are permanent.  They will never need maintenance or replacement.

Long term benefits of sandstone retaining walls

You can choose natural Sandstone boulders or sawn sandstone blocks.  At QC Landscaping, we integrate those materials to construct a retaining wall that is built to last.  We use approved construction methods in accordance with all council regulations.  This includes ground preparation and foundations.  Perfect for sloping ground, or for stabilising soil erosion, for levelling, or just for garden beds, we recommend and use the appropriate sized sandstone blocks and boulders.  We have 20 years experience around South East Queensland.  So there is no landscaping problem around Brisbane and Ipswich that we can’t solve!

No retaining wall is too big or too small

Using our excavation machinery we can construct any sized sandstone retaining walls in no time.  In addition we can create level areas, construction sites, or elegant landscapes for your property.  Sloping blocks can be made more level by cutting and filling the soil.   Furthermore, we can distribute soil around your property, or we can remove soil or supply soil depending on your requirements.

We find solutions, not problems

At QC Landscaping, we just love sandstone retaining walls Brisbane people!  And we pride ourselves with finding the best way to integrate the sandstone with the natural lay of the land.  We believe that for every problem, there is a sandstone retaining wall that can be designed as a solution.  We offer a wide range of different materials, different sized blocks, and different finishes and appearance to suit the appearance you require.

Different types of sandstone materials – random boulders

For large retaining walls, there is a requirement for solid foundations and larger sandstone blocks or boulders.  So to deal with these situations we design for and recommend the use of random sandstone boulders.  These require heavy machinery for handling the heavy loads.  For smaller sandstone retaining walls we might recommend smaller random stones, which are easier to move.

Sawn sandstone retaining walls

If you prefer a more tailored appearance, we recommend a choice between A grade and B grade sawn sandstone.  Depending on the nature of the sandstone wall, we can use rough sawn stone to build neat and sturdy sandstone retaining walls that will stand the test of time.  For a more manicured appearance we recommend A grade sawn sandstone, which is sawn on all 6 sides.

Sandstone steps and sandstone pavers

At QC Landscaping we work closely with our sandstone suppliers.  Our goal is to provide you with the best materials for sandstone features in your landscaping design.   We can design the most elegant garden steps, paving stones, and pathways for a truly impressive finish to your landscaping design.

Call Steve at QC Landscaping to see turn your dreams into a landscaping reality!