Rock Retaining Walls Brisbane

Rock Retaining Walls Brisbane

Don’t be left hanging!  There is only one choice for the best rock retaining walls Brisbane, Ipswich and Toowoomba has available. QC Landscaping is your go-to company for the best services for all your structural landscaping and retaining wall needs.

When you need a retaining wall with a little extra flair, or a retaining wall that is rock solid, call QC Landscaping for expert advice and a down to earth quote. (Pun intended!)

Whether large or small, QC Landscaping are the experts at designing and building rock retaining walls Brisbane, Ipswich & Toowoomba people love. Call Steve today at QC Landscaping on 0427 375 082.  He will be more than happy to discuss your specific structural landscaping requirements and what options are available.

Rock solid retaining walls

In fact, if you want a rock solid solution to a landscaping problem, we are confident we’ll find the best solution for you!  We thoroughly enjoy building rock retaining walls for Brisbane garden landscapes.  Furthermore we know we can design a natural bush setting and create a wonderful peaceful landscaping design that suits your property.

Rock solid guarantee

We have more than 20 year’s experience in design, construction, landscaping and installing rock retaining walls in the Brisbane area.  We provide a rock solid guarantee that our rock walls will satisfy all council, environmental and legislation guidelines.  But most of all, we offer a rock solid guarantee that our landscaping and rock retaining wall ideas will satisfy you also!

We use the best local materials

Whatever the style of rock retaining walls you prefer, we can help.   To suit the local Brisbane terrain and environment, QC Landscaping can supply and build the best rock walls for you.  Attractive, quality stone is sourced from local quarries.  Random stones, boulders and natural bush stone or bush rock are also available.

We build the best rock retaining walls Brisbane!

We have successfully designed and constructed many rock retaining walls in Brisbane and surrounding areas.  To be attentive to our clients’ needs, requests and budget is our primary focus.  We can build boulder rock walls made from large random boulders, or we can source and supply cut sandstone or sawn sandstone blocks to suit your requirements.  Whatever challenge the landscaping project poses, QC Landscaping have the qualifications and the experience to get the job done.  When you have a particular completed appearance you wish to achieve, we work with you to achieve it.

Who said rock retaining walls all look the same?

We don’t believe it!  We love the opportunity to add a unique appeal to each of our landscaping projects.  Every rock wall is a work of art, in our opinion!  With proper design and consideration, a rock retaining wall need not be boring.  Instead it can be the highlight of a garden landscape.  This is especially relevant when dealing with difficult slopes and tight spaces.  A well designed rock wall can provide level ground, create intimate garden rooms, and add that spatial context for the perfect garden landscape.

So here at QCLandscaping, we never think rock walls are standard.  In fact we just love working with local rock supplies and natural boulders to create something special.  Where others see nothing but a pile of rocks, we see potential, ideas and raised property values!

Rock retaining walls are affordable

If you like the appearance of stone, boulders or rock for your landscaping or rock retaining walls, then bush rock is an affordable option. Rock retaining walls are built to last forever, and they can be integrated into the landscape to provide the framework for the whole property.

For a down to earth quote and a rock solid guarantee, call Steve at QCLandscaping today! Phone 0427 375 082