Boulder Retaining Walls Brisbane

Boulder Retaining Walls BrisbaneWhen you need the best boulder retaining walls Brisbane has to offer, give Steve at QC Landscaping a call today!

We have a proven record in delivering the best and most affordable boulder retaining walls.  Made from natural rock, natural sandstone or cut stone to suit your individual requirements, the choice is yours.  The correct design of your retaining walls, driveways, paths and gardens will add true value to your property.  We believe that boulder retaining walls are one of the best ways to create a natural and aesthetic landscape solution that integrates your property with its surrounds.

Boulder Retaining Walls are unique

All boulder retaining walls are different.  Therefore it requires proper design and a careful eye to construct a truly beautiful wall from stone boulders.  QC Landscaping are the experts at providing an engineering design, complete with structural foundations, and intricate knowledge of the local council regulations for building retaining walls. Many people require a project manager to step them through the process.  If this is you, call Steve Norrie at QC Landscaping for an expert opinion.  We offer this service obligation free.

The beauty is in the individuality

Because all boulder retaining walls are unique, it pays to discuss your requirements with someone who understands the complete process.  QC Landscaping have been the business for over 20 years.  They have managed all stages of landscaping projects.  From concept to design, from suppliers of boulders to digging foundations.  The beauty of creating boulder retaining walls Brisbane style, is that from the solid foundation of boulders to the very top stone layers, the best boulder retaining walls are a work of art that creates a natural feature to your landscaping.

So why choose boulder retaining walls?

At QC Landscaping, we get a buzz from building retaining walls from rocks and boulders. When it is done properly, we believe stone and rock is the best retaining material.  Some landscapers steer away from natural boulders because of the irregular sizes and shapes of the boulders.  At QC Landscaping, we have the machinery to handle large boulders.  We also have the skill to position them.  This is a talent not all landscapers have!   Check out our Gallery of photos and videos to see some examples.  Most noteworthy is that we can construct affordable retaining walls using larger boulders to save you money.  The best foundations are built upon the most sturdy boulders, and this is the way we construct all our boulder retaining walls.

It is a fact that boulder retaining walls are more substantial than timber, concrete or stacked block style retaining walls.  Timber retaining walls simply do not last forever.  So even though the quote may be cheaper up front, it will cost more down the track.  Surprisingly, concrete sleeper walls can degrade over time, and also do not last forever.  You may be surprised to know that block walls (concrete manufactured) can tend to move over time.  At QC Landscaping, we build boulder retaining walls that will last lifetimes.

The type of boulder retaining walls Brisbane prefers

Boulder retaining walls offer that natural appearance and they are environmentally friendly.  The best part is that you can choose whatever type of rocks or boulders you prefer.  You can give your landscape design that uniquely individual appearance.  From natural bushrock, sandstone boulders, bluestone boulders, granite rock, or shaped and sawn sandstone, there is a rock texture, stone colour and geometry to suit your landscape project.

Boulder retaining walls match the natural environment

No matter where you live around the Brisbane or South East Queensland, we can match local stone with your natural landscape.  The attraction with boulder retaining walls is to achieve a natural appearance using boulders or stone coordinated with your property.  Large and irregular boulders can be used as a feature in your landscape.  We can suggest plantings and recommend shrubs that soften the appearance of the stone structures.

From concept to creation

At QC Landscaping, we strive to find a solution for all kinds of difficult landscaping projects.  Our aim is to deliver exactly your desired outcome.  It is our goal to deliver the type of boulder retaining walls Brisbane prefers.  We also service Ipswich and Toowoomba.

Call Steve at QC Landscaping for an obligation free discussion about your landscaping project.  Call today on 0427 375 082.