Pool Excavation Narrow Access

When it comes to planning a swimming pool, many people worry about access to their property to install the pool!  We say – don’t worry about it.  Simply call the pool excavation narrow access specialists at QC Landscaping for an expert opinion!

QC Landscaping specialise in all types of excavating, landscaping and retaining walls.  So we really understand what people are looking for in their backyard spaces.  We also understand that space is often limited, especially when installing pools on suburban blocks.  Consequently, many jobs we work on these days involve dealing with narrow access sites and restricted spaces.

Pool Excavation narrow access

We excavate all types of swimming pools

We are experienced with pool excavations around Brisbane and South East Queensland.  Excavation of pool sites in all types of soil conditions, sloping blocks and rocky ground is what we do.  No matter whether you prefer a concrete pool, below ground pool, or semi-exposed pool, we can handle the pool excavation.  You can choose to work with your preferred pool designer and builder.  Even if the site of the pool excavation has narrow access, we’re likely to be able to help.  We don’t mind if you want a large pool, heated spa, lap pool, or even a fish pond. Large jobs or small work well for us.

Pool excavation narrow access

The challenge we love the most here at QCLandscaping, are those ultra modern housing estates with virtually no side access.  Believe it or not, there is always a way!  Even if you barely have enough room to fit your wheelie bin through, then we will have a look at seeing if we can use that narrow access for our pool excavation.  We have never had to do it, but we have seen examples where the pool excavators go right through the front and back doors of the house to get access to the backyard.  It is a bit extreme, but when you think outside the square, anything is possible!

Pool excavation is the first step

Before you can dream of building that pool oasis in the backyard, we need to carefully plan how the pool excavation can proceed.  The first step is to arrange a site inspection, where we can discuss the most suitable options for site access.  It’s rare to come across a situation where we couldn’t find a solution to a pool excavation.  This is despite how narrow the access point might be.  The main consideration for the pool excavation is that the more limited access sites will require smaller machines, and this means the excavation process may take longer.  For extremely narrow access, or any particularly tricky excavations we will run through all the possible outcome scenarios with you.

QC Landscaping – expert in pool excavation

We strive to do a neat and professional job for all pool excavations.  This starts with a check for all underground plumbing and wiring before we start digging.  We check for rock and soil types, site levels and boundary surveys.  Furthermore we ensure that all retaining walls comply with council regulations.  We can arrange for waste removal and soil removal.  In addition, delivery and distribution of back fill and retaining materials.  We guarantee to leave a neat and clean worksite, firstly so that other contractors can do their job, but also to make sure you can be proud and satisfied with your completed pool project. Pool excavation narrow access or otherwise needs careful planning, and that’s just what we do.  We plan carefully so we can execute expertly.

QC Landscaping – 20 years experience in construction, excavations and landscaping

There is not much we haven’t come across in 20 years of landscaping and excavation.  No one likes to come across those nasty little surprises under the ground, but we have the machinery and practical knowledge to predict and usually deal with those unexpected setbacks.  In fact, we have never been stuck in a situation we couldn’t get out of, and we have never had a problem we couldn’t solve.  There is always a way to overcome a problem or a tight spot!

Own your dream property

QC Landscaping have the experience to turn your backyard into an oasis.  Your own sanctuary complete with landscaping, plantings, and decorative features.   We can even manage the process of installation a fully compliant pool safety fence.  Because we have seen many successful pool installations, we can offer advice on which type of pool fence is the most suitable and draw on our experience to suggest a fully integrated design for your blissful backyard oasis.

Every pool excavation we undertake is done as though you are our most important client – because you are!  Hence we take utmost care to deliver quality service.

Please call Steve on 0427 375 082 for a detailed quotation for your swimming pool excavation narrow access – or normal access.