Landscaping Rock Walls are Beautiful and Last Forever

We may be a little biased, but when it comes to landscaping rock walls, we think they are beautiful works of art!

Landscaping Rock Walls

Do you agree? Then why not give us a call at QC Landscaping to discuss where you can add a stunning rock wall to your landscape!

We have built plenty of them, and every one of them is a hand crafted work of art.  Because when we work with natural materials like sandstone or bush rock, we love to get a feel for the natural environment, and integrate the natural elements.  In fact we are extremely biased when it comes to building rock walls for landscaping.  Maybe we are just good at it.  But we feel that we can build landscaping rock walls more quickly and easily than any other type of retaining walls.  And because we are good at what we do, we can keep the cost of building natural rock retaining walls very affordable.

Have a look at our portfolio of Landscaping Rock Walls

At QC Landscaping, we have had years of experience in creating stunning landscape designs.  We have an extensive portfolio of some of our stunning results.  Be sure to ask to look over some of the before and after photos.  These can be found in our Photo Gallery HERE or Video Gallery HERE.  We have created some wonderful effects with landscaping rock walls that blend perfectly into the natural slopes and contours. If you have a flat, boring block, we have had success with adding special features where none existed.  You may want to add features to your garden landscape, or to disguise unwanted elements on your property.  Either way, we have the skills, experience and ideas to unlock the full potential of your landscape.

Landscaping rock walls fit in with the environment

Landscaping Rock WallsWhen you want to add that natural appeal to any landscaping design, the best way to achieve an outstanding result is with natural materials.  So we might say it looks outstanding.  What we actually mean it integrates beautifully with the natural aesthetics of your landscape.  A rock wall built from natural rock acts as a natural transition from one section of landscape to another.

But the secret to a perfect landscape design is to transition seamlessly from one level to the next.  This could be from one terrace to another.  Or it could be from one private garden to the next.  The opportunities are endless, and the transition can be as simple as using cleverly designed landscaping rock walls.

Landscaping rock walls look outstanding

Landscaping Rock WallsThat is just our opinion, and as we said, perhaps we are more than a little biased!  But the results speak for themselves.  Landscaping rock walls look outstanding!  But at the same time, they just seem to integrate into the natural aesthetic landscape design.  I challenge you to say the same thing about most other types of retaining walls.  Rarely do we see a natural and aesthetic look when using artificial materials.  Now that might be okay for a functional retaining wall. Or say for a narrow block with a retaining wall between the properties.  But even in these circumstances, we have had some brilliant outcomes using natural materials to build stunning retaining walls.

Rock retaining walls serve two purposes.

They are safe, sturdy and dependable.  The natural weight and load structure of a correctly built rock retaining wall means that the rock retaining wall is self supporting.  But they are also a good looking and naturally appealing solution to a landscaping problem.

Artificial materials just never look the same

Many people feel that artificial materials are cheaper and therefore the best option to build retaining walls.  But that is only in terms of the raw materials.  Sure natural stone, sandstone and bush rocks tend to cost more up front, but the end result is often not much more expensive.  Because landscaping rock walls are quick to build, and very long lasting, they are actually more cost effective.  When we see retaining walls built from timber sleepers, concrete, or concrete blocks, they just stand out and look artificial.  Plus, you have to factor in that these materials don’t last forever.  And there is nothing worse than a retaining wall that is falling over.  You might be surprised that even concrete suffers degradation when in contact with the soil, and over time can begin to look a little worse for wear.  Then you’ll be up for retaining wall repairs, which will often involve complete replacement.

Landscaping rock walls last forever

The best thing about using rock walls in your garden design is that they never wear out, degrade or fall over.  A well designed rock retaining wall is built once and built to last.  That is our mantra here at QC Landscaping.  Because we consider every rock retaining wall to be a permanent work of art, and we don’t intend to have to come back to replace it – ever!

Landscaping rock walls for sheer beauty

Landscaping Rock WallsWhen you are designing the landscape for your garden, don’t overlook the natural beauty of landscaping rock walls.

We can add curves and flowing shapes that accentuate the natural slope of the land.  Consider the effect when we can add features that enhance the aesthetic feel of any garden.  We can design intimate spaces into your landscape or secret gardens.  Or just carve a quiet retreat to rest and reflect.

Would you love to integrate a water feature, a fire pit, a kids play space?  Or just a place to sit and relax?  Then we can show you some examples of our stunning designs achieved by working with natural landscaping rock walls.

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