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I do lots of earthmoving jobs around Ipswich and western Brisbane suburbs.  QC Landscaping can handle small to larger scale landscaping, and heavy duty earthmoving.  Ipswich has plenty of industrial contractors to do heavy earthmoving, but who do you turn to for landscaping your property?  Give me a call at QC Landscaping for earthmoving Ipswich, Toowoomba and western Brisbane suburbs needs!

Earthmoving experience

We have loads of experience, if you’ll pardon the pun, at earthmoving and landscaping domestic and commercial properties.  I am a strong believer in doing the job properly, and it is done forever.  The equipment I use can have a big impact on the job, and I am also a strong believer in using the right tools for the job.  I have recently invested in brand new equipment with the power to get the job done.  I have a 3 tonne excavator and a brand new earthmover and I am not scared to get them dirty!  With a wide range of attachments for these two beautiful machines, we can do just about any job you can think of.  I have a hydraulic rock breaker, post hole digger, rock grabber, fork lift, spreader bar, you name it and we can do it.

Earthmoving Ipswich

The benefits of using the right earthmoving equipment

Since I started work with my newest machines, I have been able to quickly build retaining walls from large stone blocks, broad area landscaping, lay stone steps with precision and create driveways where there was previously rubble. VIEW OUR VIDEO GALLERY HERE to see some of this work in action.

The speed at which I can do these tasks has increased significantly with the new equipment.  Consequently, this is good for me to get my clients’ needs fulfilled quickly, and good for my clients to not have to wait for weeks for the job to be done.

Earthmoving Ipswich

Wide range of earthmoving jobs

We can handle a huge range of earthmoving jobs, and no job is too small or too large.  We just love to get stuck into:

  • site clearing
  • site preparation
  • rock breaking
  • post hole digging
  • trenching
  • cut and fill earthmoving
  • levelling
  • soil removal
  • soil relocation
  • foundations
  • retaining walls
  • driveways

Structural landscaping for your property

The thing about landscaping is that it is more than just garden beds and planting a few bushes.  At QC Landscaping, we like to make sure you get the structure right first.  This means have a good landscaping plan, structural design, and some creative flair.  But ultimately, we understand that landscaping can be expensive and stressful, so we always try to find the best outcomes for you and your property. This means that we can work quickly to minimise the amount of dust or mud.  Sometimes we need to make a bit of a mess to make progress.  But you will be amazed and surprised how quickly we can pull the job together.  We can do the structural elements of the landscaping design quickly to minimise costs.  With the latest machinery, we spend our time working on your landscape, and not wasting time repairing the equipment.

QC Landscaping is the earthmoving expert for driveways

No matter what type of driveway you need to build, you probably need an earthmoving specialist to get started!  The site preparation for a new driveway is pretty much the same no matter what material you wish to lay.  Concrete, asphalt and paved driveways all need close attention to the earthmoving and subsurface preparations.  Especially when it comes to sloping areas, it is important to do the right earthmoving Ipswich and western Brisbane suburbs alike.

I recently constructed a gravel driveway for clients who needs a gently sloping driveway, with a wide turning circle.  Because of the large area and relatively expensive concrete and asphalt options, I suggested a rolled gravel driveway.  With careful earthmoving and grading (using my brand new earthmoving equipment of course) I was able to minimise the slope as much as possible, and control water runoff to avoid washouts.  The trick is to get the structure right first, and then it was as simple matter to spread the road base gravel, and compact it down with a roller to create a smooth and solid driveway surface.

Earthmoving Ipswich

This is the type of work that we can do with the right earthmoving equipment around Ipswich and surrounding suburbs.

Call the earthmoving Ipswich, Brisbane and Toowoomba experts today at QC Landscaping!

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